On this day in PruneScape...

  • 2010- The server crashes again. What a surprise. Apparently Jagex decided to do routine maintenance so that the servers don't smash, bash, crash and wallop (and then the Pkers would thats no good!) but forgot to close the servers before doing so. The result? The friends list died, the Grand Exchange didn't work, Player-owned houses emptied themselves one minute, and the next they were back to normal. Jagex posted a sticky about the server issues, but still didn't realise they should have closed them for a bit. People can wait, after all. Also, Jagex releases a quest all about love called Love Story. Oooh, fancy that! A quest about some boring old RuneScape NPC! Aren't Jagex hilarious!. The quest has a fairly ironic nature due to it being about love which is a beautiful feeling that most RuneScape players will never understand and some will never comprehend. Finally, Jagex decide to graphically update dragons to match the ones in Deamonhiem. However, in true Jagex style they forgot some out. Which ones? Oh, none with any importance...
  • 2009- Fuck knows.

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