2009 – Website update: Website Maintenance. More craps are made crappier!

2008 – Game update: Prunescape1-D released!!!! Now for all you noob free player too!

  • The beta period for PruneScape 1-D ends, and is opened to runeflappers everywhere! Heil Jagex!!

2008 – Game update: Three Boos Cheers for Noobridge Lumbridge!

  • Tutorial Island becomes a even more dumb quest-like activity called Learning the Ropes. From Jagex: Alright all u lv 3 noobs, you have to kill a level 200 dragon to enter Runescape!Har Har and we ain't helping!
  • The Lumbridge and Draynor Diary becomes available for both cheapskates free-to-play and no-life members Runeflappers, free flapping for everyone! Note: Rule 34 might be violated on free players who attempts this.

2008Crap Game update: Bank Update and Item Lending

  • Item Lending becomes a feature where players can borrow an item for a certain duration of time, and of course they will be forced to return the item by the J-Mods!
  • Tabs are added to the bank to help organise items so you can lose track of them. Very helpful update indeed!

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