2009 – Hail Prunescape! Our bullshit members are now payable from Incomm cards for a novice fee of 1 million percent interest available at Rite-Aid/Wal-Mart for 1 millions dollars each, WOW is so much better you can't beat the Prunescape deal. Note: Side effects may include loss of money, suicide, loss of more money, have no life, etc, etc... Runescape ist unser Herr ! Gehorchen und Live! Runescape Hail !

2004 – Bored of getting attacked by ghouls in the crappy realistic and boring awesome Mort Myre Swamp? We now offer a nearly impossible yet boring quest called Nature Spirit to make you more satisfied, but of course you will still get attacked by ghouls... Muhahahha HAIL PRUNESCAPE!!

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